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Welcome to Funky Bunk Beds – Check Out Our Clearance Section Today

Transitioning Your Child From A Cot To A Bed

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Calling Quits On The Cot Can Be Worrying For Both Parents And Children..

Here We Have Outlined Some Useful Information To Support The Transition!

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Transitioning your child from a cot to a bed is a big step for both parents and children (probably more parents!)

Why might you do this?

  • Your Child has turned into a monkey and started to climb out of the cot?
  • Potty training has started and they now are starting to toilet during the night?
  • A younger sibling now needs the cot?
  • You need to save space? (to probably gain more toys!?)
  • Your Child has started to grow too big for the cot?

Most children move from a cot to a bed at around 2-3 years old, however timings may differ depending on your situation. There is no rush and as a parent I would always recommend to wait until you and your child are emotionally ready for this transition. Even if you may have heard that your friend who had a baby at the same time as you did this transition months ago, never feel pressured!


Easing The Transition To A Toddler Bed...


Choose The Right Bed…

Choosing the right bed is so important to ensure your child feels comfortable and safe but also to ensure you home requirements are suited also. Whether this is a temporary mattress on the floor, low to the floor toddler bed with bed guard or the bottom bunk of one our cot rail bunk beds, if your child is happy, CA’CHING!


The ‘all important’ sleeping accessories!!…

When my daughter moved from her cot to her bed, I had a (very bad!) idea to take away her ‘bot bot’ – bottle at the same time!! This lasted a whole 30 minutes before i caved in. When they are moving to their ‘big bed’ it may all seems very scary and big so having a comfort item (or many) is advisable to make them feel safe. Whether this is a blanket, pillowcase from their cot or teddy, make a big deal this is being transferred also to the new bed!


Bedtime Routine…

No matter how old you are, everyone feels much more comfortable when there is routine and organisation to an event! Getting your child into a bedtime routine a couple of weeks before the transition will help to keep the move more comfortable and consistent (and of course as a parent, this is brilliant for you too!!)


Child Proof Your Home!…

If You are moving your child to a toddler bed that doesn’t have a cot rail attached, this means they can ‘escape’! Whether it may be that they are going to sneak down stairs to you or into your room to mess with your makeup, childproofing your home is necassary!

Secure the stairs with gates at the top and bottom, bolt bookshelves and televisions to the wall, and put safety latches on dresser drawers so they can’t pull them out and use them to climb.


Purchase A Baby Monitor!…

From one parent to another, I advise you to leave your child to fall to sleep on their own! If you are sat in the bedroom waiting for them to go to sleep, they are more likely to talk to you, pull on your heart strings or be totally distracted from going to sleep.

So you can ensure they are doing as you are hoping they do however a baby monitor allows you to see what they are doing! I purchased a Motorola one which I found brilliant as it also enabled me to talk to my child to sooth her!

Don’t expect an easy transition to a toddler bed…

Your child might cry and insist they want their crib back. Stay positive and expect it to take a month or two for them to fully adjust to their new digs. Their newfound freedom may also lead them to take lots of excursions. (You put your child to bed and they come out. You put them back in bed and they come back out.) Just calmly return them to bed and leave the room as quickly as you can.

Since there’s a chance they can’t quite handle a big bed yet, it’s a good idea to hang on to the crib. A temporary return to it, if necessary, is no big deal: Toddlers mature quickly, and your child might be ready in another month or two. Be patient, and don’t rush this important transition.

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