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International Women’s Day: Funky Bunk Beds Celebrates Remarkable Milestones and Future Aspirations

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PRESS RELEASE – International Women’s Day: Funky Bunk Beds Celebrates Remarkable Milestones and Future Aspirations

Sheffield UK – In celebration of International Women’s Day, Funky Bunk Beds, a visionary children’s furniture company founded by two innovative mums, Christie, Kelsey and their partners, is delighted to share their recent achievements and future aspirations with the community.

The company has seen remarkable growth, recently reaching an impressive milestone of 50,000 followers on their Facebook page. This achievement is a testament to the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The founders, Christie and Kelsey, attribute this success to their dedication to understanding and addressing the needs of families with children.

In a move that reflects their social conscience and commitment to the community, Funky Bunk Beds has partnered with a social care service charity. This collaboration focuses on aiding vulnerable large families residing in small housing, demonstrating the company’s commitment to social responsibility and its endeavour to make a meaningful impact.

Funky Bunk Beds is also excited to announce their future plans. They aspire to open a showroom and hold showroom events across the country. This initiative is aimed at showcasing their unique product range, allowing customers to view and order bespoke bunk beds that have transformed children’s bedrooms across the UK into imaginative and playful spaces.

As the company reflects on its journey, Christie and Kelsey recall the initial challenges they faced as parents. Their quest for creating more space in their homes led to the birth of Funky Bunk Beds. What began as a search for suitable bunk beds evolved into a creative venture that now offers bespoke, imaginative, and functional bunk beds. Their collection includes Single Sleepers, Bunk Beds, Triple Bunk Beds, Quad Sleepers, and Special Adapted Beds, catering to a wide range of needs and preferences.

Funky Bunk Beds’ dedication to creativity, quality, and safety has resonated with families across the UK. Launching their website enabled them to connect with families nationwide, providing custom designs that bring joy and functionality to children’s bedrooms.

The founders express their gratitude for the journey so far and their excitement for the future, “What began as a shared challenge has blossomed into a thriving business. We are thrilled to celebrate International Women’s Day by sharing our achievements and looking forward to bringing more magical, bespoke bunk beds to families across the UK.”

Funky Bunk Beds invites everyone to join their celebration this International Women’s Day and to stay tuned for their upcoming showroom events.

About Funky Bunk Beds:
Funky Bunk Beds was founded by Christie and Kelsey, two mums who transformed their need for functional and playful children’s furniture into a successful business. The company specializes in bespoke bunk beds that blend creativity, fun, and practicality, providing custom solutions for families across the UK.

For more information, please contact:
Tel: 07521922935
Email: info@funkybunkbeds.com

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